A software update for Sony's PS3 (PlayStation 3) video game console has been announced. New features in the PS3 release include DVD upscaling capabilities and more PSP Remote Play functionality.


The upscaling technology in PS3 system software update version 1.80, which debuts today in the European market, will improve the picture quality of PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games played on the PlayStation 3, and will also show movies up to 1,080p resolution. Classic games will look even better, according to Sony, and Blu-ray Disc videos will be maximised on big-screen TVs that connect to the PS3 using HDMI.

The new update also expands the functionality of Remote Play, a capability first introduced with the console that provides the ability for PSP (PlayStation Portable) users to view content stored on their PS3 remotely on their PSPs, such as photos, videos and music.


Initially, Remote Play enabled PSP users to remotely access content on the PS3 as long as both units were on the same network. With the new software update and a forthcoming update for the PSP (version 3.50), PSP users will be able to view entertainment content anywhere on the internet they can get a connection.

The 3.50 software update for the PSP is expected to be released next week.

The new PS3 software update will also enable PS3 users to stream media content stored on DLNA-enabled devices onto their PS3 systems. Other feature upgrades include support for copying saved data to memory cards, and photo printing, viewing and editing.