Sales of the PlayStation 3 and Wii consoles dropped for the fourth straight week in Japan, according to new figures.

The Nintendo Wii maintained its lead over the recently-launched PlayStation 3, selling 65,740 units during the week from 29 January to 4 February, according to data from Media Create. The company estimated PlayStation 3 sales at 18,727 units and those of the Xbox 360 at 6,130 units.

Media Create receives actual sales data from around 3,000 stores across Japan and uses that to estimate nationwide sales.

During the week the PlayStation 3 managed to regain its rank above the seven-year old PlayStation 2, which beat the newer machine in the prior week likely due to the Japan launch of "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas”. The title led the software sales ranking the previous week with sales of 227,261 units and in last week's chart dropped to number four position on sales of 49,333 units, according to the data.

Sales of Wii software beat those of the console. Wii Sports sold 48,236 units and those of Wii Play were 34,918 units. They ranked fifth and sixth overall in the software chart.

The Wii console is still generally hard to find in Japan. Many shops are displaying "sold-out" signs although waiting lists for the console appear to be getting shorter as the launch-buzz for the console declines. The PlayStation 3 is easier to obtain with many stores having the console on-hand for anyone wishing to pay the significantly higher price that it commands over the Wii.

Once again the top-selling hardware of the week was Nintendo's handheld DS Lite, which sold 146,073 units. The number one game was "J League: Making a pro-soccer club 5" for the PlayStation 2, which sold 107,073 units, said Media Create.