Nearly three-quarters (72 percent) of respondents to a PC Advisor survey indicated that they own a gaming console.

Voters were fairly evenly split between the four console options. Nintendo's Wii led the way with 19.3 percent of votes. Its slightly higher popularity seemed to be related to it offering something different to PC gaming: physical exercise.

"My partner and I have a Wii and the Wii Fit board which was bought after a long spell of bad health with the idea to get some exercise whilst having a bit of fun," commented forum member gengiscant.

Armchair touched on the idea that the Wii may have greater appeal among female gamers, advising a fellow forum member: "You could get a Wii, and involve your other half in some indoor exercise with it."

Microsoft's Xbox 360 and the option 'Yes - other' were tied on 18.8 percent of votes. The 'Other' consoles mentioned in the forum discussion included the PlayStation One, the Sony PSP and the Nintendo 64, although most of the older consoles had fallen out of regular use.

"I have three, but none that are on the list: a Nintendo 64, a Sony PlayStation One and a Sony PSP," wrote wolfie3000. "But mostly use my PC for gaming."

Armchair reported the ownership of a "Grandstand Video Sports Centre (1980 model)", but added that it was now in storage.

The PlayStation 3 came in last, but it wasn't far behind on 15.1 percent of votes.

The PC/console debate

With so many voters owning both PC and games console, there was considerable debate over which was better. Several felt that price could be an issue.

"[Console] games prices are pretty steep when compared to my gaming platform of choice, the PC," said gengiscant.

But lisa02 retorted: "You need to spend a good four figures on a gaming rig compared to a games console."

Another topic of discussion was versatility. lisa02 continued: "Can't beat a games console. Internet. Music. DVD/Blu-ray. Divx and other formats. Sky Player/iPlayer. Video and music downloads. Social tools like Facebook. Voice chat. Media streaming via Wi-Fi. Oh yes, and games."

However, Kevscar replied: "But can you do: word processing, spreadsheets, databases, video and photo editing, create DVDs and so much more."

Based on 425 votes, 21 September 2010. Vote here, or join the discussion in PC Advisor's forums.

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