If you've been playing Pokemon Black Version or Pokemon White Version anywhere but Japan, you've likely been unable to access the Pokemon Dream World due to development issues with the Pokemon Global Link website. Finally, the wait is over, as GameFreak and Nintendo have officially opened up the Pokemon Global Link worldwide. All you have to do is register to send, trade, and collect new Pokemon with the online portal.

What this means for Pokemon fans is that they now have access to Pokemon with special abilities that normally aren't found in either of the new games. Players can also check their Random Wi-Fi Battle rankings in the Global Battle Union, edit their avatars, collect items, grow berries, customize their own digital house, plus a bunch of other activities. It's enough content to be its own game, and will most likely pad the number of hours Pokemon fans are spending with their copies of Black and White.

Even though this feature has been in production for a while, various setbacks forced GameFreak and Nintendo to launch without it. Although the site was supposed to have launched on October 13, 2010 for the Japanese release, it was repeatedly set back and shut down due to traffic issues. For the international launch of Pokemon Black and White, March 30th was the site's global premiere deadline, which was also pushed back once again due to the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan.