As the PlayStation Vita gets closer and closer to launch, it seems like people just can't say enough good things about it (when not talking about the price). See also PS4 release date, specs and rumour round-up.

Add WipEout 2048 Game Director Stuart Tilley to that list, as he tells Edge Magazine that his team was able to get their own Vita game through its paces fast -- a lot faster than planned/expected. Along with the fact that PS Vita dev kits are reportedly pretty cheap, it seems like a larger number of companies will be getting in on the action, while most third-party companies won't have an issue working with the new handheld system. At least, it should be easier than the Nintendo 3DS, which developers have said is comparatively more difficult/expensive to work with.

From Tilley himself:

"I think of all the PlayStations I've worked on, which is actually all of them, it's the easiest one to work with," [Tilley] told [Edge].

"[Sony] have given us a really good set of tools, allowing us to get up and running a lot quicker than we have previously, which is really good.

"We had a smaller team at the back end of last year that got working straight away on the game stuff rather than too much of the underlying tech, which allows us to really start getting the game in your hands as soon as possible."

[Source: Edge Magazine via CVG]