Sony's PlayStation 3 people may have been bullish about week one sales, but they may be feeling more sheepish after a fortnight. Sales of the Sony PS3 dropped off by a massive 80 percent in the second week of availability, according to ChartTrack.

Sony reported reasonably healthy sales of 165,000 PS3 consoles in its first week on sale, but second week sales were in the region of 33,000 PlayStation consoles. That's a fairly big difference, no?

And this is despite doling out hundreds of the things at the London launch event (that's right, I wasn't invited).

You might expect a drop off after the first week, but sales of PS3 games fell by 60 percent, too (which is where the money is at). And this despite the fairly prominent (and baffling) ad campaign to support the healthy number of new releases hitting the shelves, including Virtua Tennis 3 and Virtua Fighter 5. (Virtua Games Console Salesman is still in development).

Sony shipped around a quarter of a million PlayStation 3 consoles to Britain for the PS3 launch. With these paltry sales figures, supply is still outstripping demand, so there's none of the buzz required to drive sales.

(A friend who works in IT at a large City bank told me gleefully that one of his monumentally rich colleagues preordered four PS3s and put them up for sale on the company intranet at a hiked price. At the time of writing they are still up there, at list price.)

So, although the Casino Royale Blu-ray disc is selling well, it can't be long until Sony cuts the huge price tag of the PS3, can it? Otherwise it's not going to be able to shift any games (or, indeed, Blu-ray discs) and I won't be upgrading.

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