Yesterday, we reported on the research which showed there would supposedly be 500 million Internet-connected "Smart TVs" in homes by 2015. Social gaming company PlayJam is presumably counting on that being true as it rolls out its new service for Samsung Smart TVs and Blu-Ray players.

The PlayJam service is available through Samsung Apps, apparently the first HDTV-based app store. PlayJam offers a "mix of in-house and leading brand titles, providing consumers worldwide with easy access to thousands of casual and social games at the touch of a button on the remote control."

These are games with full Internet connectivity, too -- the system supports cross-network tournaments, leaderboards, real-time massively multiplayer events and virtual currency. The aim, according to PlayJam, is to make these social and casual games easily accessible to the whole family. And it could just work -- without requiring the use of a computer or console, PlayJam could attract players from social groups who may not have considered trying games before, going even beyong Facebook's considerable reach. And while social and casual games are typically rather more lightweight, risk-free experiences than what we get from an average console or PC title, one important function they do provide is making games more of a widespread, mainstream phenomenon.

"Samsung is the world leader and we are delighted to bring a new generation of games to TV," said PlayJam CEO Jasper Smith. "I have a fundamental belief that games on TV will evolve into a huge commercial opportunity, and our combined aim is simply to provide the best games experience possible to our customers. To help make that a reality, we offer great game developers simple access to our global games network -- so that they can monetize their IP and make their games famous. TV has some extraordinary advantages over the Web and mobile, and the ability to make standout formats has never been greater."

"The overriding mission of our Smart TV proposition is to provide easy access to content that can be shared and enjoyed by the whole family, and games are a key genre," added Kang-Hyun Kwon, senior vice president of the media solution center at Samsung. "PlayJam's gaming service can bring such enrichment to our Smart TV."

This article originally appeared on as PlayJam Launches TV Gaming Service