Nintendo is working on a Pikmin title for the Wii U, Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed at a Nintendo roundtable earlier tonight. It looks to be an extension of the title formerly confirmed (but never shown) for the Wii.

The announcement cam after the Q&A portion of the roundtable. When all of the questions were done, Miyamoto noted that it was Luigi's Mansion tenth anniversary, which means that it's Pikmin's tenth anniversary as well.

"I really did want to release a new Pikmin game for the tenth anniversary, and the team has been working on a Wii Pikmin as I promised last year," Miyamoto said. "But as we've been working on the Wii U, I've had a look at the fancy new graphics and the new controller."

"I got the feeling it's the perfect for that system, so we're going to make it on that."

In waiting until the roundtable to announce the game, Miyamoto admitted that he wanted to follow the corporate precedent and not announce any new titles, "But there's also the creative side of me that wants to tell you we're working on Pikmin."

It may be out sooner than you think too. Miyamoto noted that since the team has "already been developing the game, maybe it won't be too long before it's ready for Wii U."

Don't be surprised if it's formally unveiled at E3 next year.

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