Dimension-travelling slugs with fangs, walk-through ceilings and really bad hair. They're just some of the things you'll see in Second Life. Check out our list of the 13 strangest sights in the online world.

Second Life is the web's most popular and most used virtual world. It's a world where people do strange and unusual things. From building avant-garde structures and environments, falling through floors and getting stuck in walls to remaking themselves with odd faces, flying and even switching genders.

We've put together a list of the 13 strangest and unusual sights in the virtual world. So get ready to be amazed.

Mind the wildlife

Here's Second Lifer Lilith Ivory being devoured by a dimension-traveling slug with fangs. A bad way to start the day.


Manta rays and high heels

I came across this Second Life screen grab randomly on Flickr. Manta rays hanging around, a house that has just fallen from the sky, motion everywhere, and a woman wearing ruby-red high heels planted head-first in what looks like a green lava flow. I'm starting to like this Second Life thing.


A walk through the ceiling

One day Rosie Barthelmess (silver shorts) and her SL buddy Isadora Graves (trousers) were teleporting to a new place to visit some friends. But teleportation doesn't always work right. "We both ended up teleporting to the right coordinates, but we were ceiling-high and got trapped in the ceiling," Barthelmess says.

"Above the spot where our legs were, our heads were sticking out of the carpet underneath a piece of furniture on the second floor." They teleported back out and tried again, with better results.


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