Sports games are made for online competition, and Konami's renowned soccer sim series PES is no exception. PES 2012 features a comprehensive suite of online elements that allow players to compete against one another in a variety of different ways.

The game's Master League Online mode features a realistic management aspect, where players will not only have to play their way to victory, but also contend with players' contract periods and demands along with team fitness and tactics.

Community Mode allows players to create and join groups of up to 100 players to play together. A bulletin board facility is included for group members to be able to pass messages on to one another, and inter-community matches are possible, allowing rivalry between various groups of players in a similar manner to first person shooter "clans."

Facebook support has also been added through a feature known as myPES. This allows players to create custom leagues, track the results of matches through a Facebook application and share results among friends via their Facebook wall.

Finally, matchmaking has been improved, meaning that players are more likely to be paired up against a rival whose skills and manner resemble their own. Ragequitters will be blocked from competitions, and those with poor reputations will be forced to play each other, hopefully allowing those who play the game without trying to manipulate their stats to enjoy the experience of friendly competition in peace.

"Online is a key element to PES 2012 and we have worked hard to deliver options that enhance both the competitive edge of the game, and that bolster the solo modes in Master League Online," said Jon Murphy, European PES team leader at Konami. "Those that have previously exploited online loopholes will be punished, while the stunning Active AI will bring a real edge to online games -- with the results logged into leagues of your friends and peers. PES 2012 is all about skill, playing a team's strengths and flowing football -- who wouldn't want to share that with their mates?"

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