PC-exclusive shooters are somewhat more thin on the ground than they used to be, as console players dominate the multiplayer arena thanks to titles like Call of Duty. Hard Reset, from new Polish developer Flying Wild Hog, is an unapologetic love letter to those who remember the "good old days" before regenerating health, cover systems and having to constantly reload weapons. It's an all-out action extravaganza featuring lots of robots and the player as a one-man army sent out to stop them.

We gave the game 3.5 stars in our review, noting that the game was a fast-paced, fun experience with an almost incomprehensible plot and an unforgiving checkpoint system. Flying Wild Hog have been listening to reviewer and demo player feedback and have implemented a number of day-one fixes to the game. These include bug fixes, interface tweaks and the addition of a number of extra checkpoints throughout the course of the game.