Namco has released two versions of Pac-Man on Facebook and is hoping to tap into that part of your brain that kept you feeding quarters into the original.

Namco has released two Pac-Man games on Facebook. Pac-Man Original is exactly as it sounds -- it's the original arcade version of Pac-Man. Pac-Man S is an enhanced version designed specifically for social network play.

Players can play Pac-Man Original for free, but upon losing all their lives have the opportunity to purchase a continue for 3 Facebook Credits ($0.30) as part of a launch special offer. The price of a continue will soon shoot up to 10 Facebook Credits ($1.00) -- that's inflation for you. There's no obligation to buy continues -- players can just start again if they want -- but those who pay to play will be able to attain higher scores without having to build up any of those pesky skills.

Pac-Man S is also free to play, taking a more Bejeweled Blitz approach by time-limiting play sessions. Players aren't charged to continue in this one, but they can purchase power-ups to boost their scores.

Are high-score competitions based on who's willing to spend the most money really fair, though?

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