The war of words between Sony and Microsoft over which games console is more popular continues to rumble on.

In response to comments made by Sony that the Xbox 360 "lacks longevity", Microsoft's Xbox 360's product management director Aaron Greenberg has branded Sony "complacent" and "out of touch".

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Greenberg made the comments during an interview with The Bitbag, where he also said the PS3 would have to first catch up with the Xbox 360 in order to outsell it, something the company claims it "can't imagine".

"This sounds like an old hardware company that's comfortable with its market position. That complacent attitude is out of touch with where the industry and consumer is today."

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He then adds: "I can't imagine any scenario where the PS3 can catch up with us. In fact, even if you doubled the current PS3 sales and Xbox 360 remained flat, they couldn't close the gap until 2014".

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