OnLive has announced that the service now features a Facebook Sharing option. Amidst all the other nonsense that fills your Facebook wall, you can now publish notifications of when you're playing a game, allowing friends to jump in and join you in multiplayer or spectate. You'll also be able to share Brag Clip videos on Facebook for everyone to admire.

OnLive review

The service looks set to have a few announcements for E3, including new hardware, new games and new compatible platforms. One of the most important of these is a new universal gamepad, similar to the one bundled with the MicroConsole. The new wireless gamepad is expected to work with nearly any OnLive compatible device -- at E3 the company will be demonstrating it with Vizio TVs and the HTC Flyer tablet, but iPad support is currently being worked on. Not before time, too, as all the iOS app allows you to do right now is browse the menus and watch footage from other users.

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