With just over three years to go until the Olympic Games hit the UK, one of our athletes is taking a novel approach to training, by playing classic computer game Street Fighter.

British International Championship Gold Medallist and a European Championship Bronze Medallist in Taekwondo, Tyrone Robinson, says he's using Street Fighter IV "as a way to mentally rehearse moves, sharpen coordination and speed up reflexes".

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According to the press release, Street Fighter IV is just like Taekwondo in that it "has a strict set of moves that can be used in any given situation".

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However, the 22-year old proved he still has a strong grip on reality by adding: "I'm never going to be able to throw fireballs in the ring like the characters in Street Fighter IV, but I can still try some of the crazy kicks they do".

It's nice to know that we can all go for Gold at 2012 by simply getting comfortable in front of the TV and giving our fingers a lengthy work-out on the game pad.

That is of course as long as construction of the Olympic Village actually meets its deadline. Based on the Wembley Stadium experience, I'm not so sure.