If you've ever felt the need to record video in glasses-free 3D but found yourself frustrated by the resolutely 2D nature of most cameras and cellphones, Nintendo are providing you with a solution from this November. The next 3DS update features the ability to use the system's cameras to record video footage in 3D and play it back on the device. Nintendo hasn't yet announced if there will be any way to export these 3D videos onto other devices or the Internet as yet, however.

Alongside the ability to record 3D video, the company also promises "new experiences for people who have conquered all the StreetPass challenges in StreetPass Mii Plaza." Again, no specific details are forthcoming as yet, but the implication is that there will either be new challenges available or special content for those who have completed all the existing challenges.

Nintendo hasn't yet given a specific date for the update, but it has said it will be in November. Also releasing in mid-November is Super Mario 3D Land, with Mario Kart 7 following shortly afterwards in early December.

This article originally appeared on GamePro.com as November 3DS Update Brings 3D Video Recording and New StreetPass Challenges