Nippon Ichi's games have a distinctive sense of humor about them and often make an effort to offer something a little different from the norm. Andriasang reports that the team behind Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero? is working on a new title for PS3 -- previously teased back in August -- known as The Witch and the Hundred Soldiers.

The titular Witch is the brilliantly-named Metallica. She hopes to remove her long time rival the Forest Witch from the picture, and fill the world with marshland for reasons known only to herself. Metallica is the main character of the story, but she's not the character the player controls. Instead, the player takes control of a mute Hyakkihei soldier with a small frame, a large sword and a completely absent sense of morality. The soldier is just one of a hundred similar troops who show up for brief periods during special attacks.

The gameplay will take the form of a top down action RPG with hack and slash combat. Players must explore the world and wipe the darkness from it using a magical power known as GIGAcal. There are plenty of subquests and boss battles for players to take on, and the game is based in discrete stages rather than a non-linear overworld -- though it will be possible for players to revisit past stages to find new routes.

It's difficult to imagine the game with the limited set of information Nippon Ichi has released so far, but a new teaser site has appeared, with something interesting set to happen on October 6. The game itself will be with Japanese players by the spring of next year, though no news on a Western release as yet.

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