Apple's app approval process is not foolproof. On a number of occasions, material which shouldn't have got through onto the store has made it to release, and the sheer number of cheap and lazy knockoffs available should make it pretty clear that there's not really a quality control procedure beyond ensuring it boots up on most devices.

There certainly doesn't appear to be a copyright check.

One cheeky developer, known as both Audio Attack and Attack Touch, has seen fit to "borrow" Nintendo's characters from Zelda and insert them into a $.99 Doodle Jump-esque game called Ultimate iZelda Climb.

This isn't the first time this developer has "borrowed" another game's assets to make a Doodle Jump game -- a cursory examination of the App Store reveals the exact same game with Hello Kitty, James Bond, Modern Warfare 3, World of Warcraft, Bratz and Barney skins, along with a "Fast vs Furious" game that uses the same icon from Need for Speed: Most Wanted without the text. Their website also offers a selection of soundboard apps featuring quotes from Modern Warfare 2 and the Halo series.

The apps in question were released between the months of August and September and make no mention of licensing agreements or copyrights in their descriptive texts. How long before the lawyers responsible for the various properties notice?

[via @Werezompire]

This article originally appeared on as Nintendo's Lawyers Haven't Noticed This Zelda-Themed iOS Game Yet