Industry analyst Colin Sebastian said more third-party games are coming to Wii despite Nintendo's history of poor external support.

"We believe investors should not be surprised that Nintendo titles are dominating bestseller lists early in the cycle, given the popularity of first-party franchises among Nintendophiles," he said.

"But Nintendo does not want to predestine Wii to the lacklustre market share achieved by the GameCube in the last console generation, and we believe the company has aggressively pursued third-party support and is offering new tools (such as the recently announced WiiWare) to expand content offerings."

In short, Sebastian believes lower cost and a broader audience will continue to "encourage additional Wii support" as many publishers have already begun doing. He estimates that developers need only to sell half of what they do on Xbox 360 and PS3 before seeing profits on Wii, thus more third-party games are expected on Nintendo's machine given its commercial appeal.