A medical doctor in Spain has diagnosed a patient with "Acute Wiiitis". The condition is caused by playing too much Nintendo Wii Sports Tennis. This is the first recorded case on Nintendo tennis elbow.

Opinion: Gaming is bad for your health. Fact

In a brief posted to the New England Journal of Medicine' Dr Julio Bonis of Barcelona's Research Group in Biomedical Informatics states:

"A healthy 29-year-old medical resident awoke one Sunday morning with intense pain in the right shoulder. He did not recall any recent injuries or trauma and had not participated in any sports or physical exercise recently.

"He consulted a rheumatology colleague. The Patte's test was positive, consistent with acute tendonitis isolated to the right infraspinatus.

"After further review of his activities during the previous 24 hours, the patient recalled that he had bought a new Nintendo Wii (pronounced "wee") video-game system and had spent several hours playing the tennis video game. With the Wii system, the player."

The Nintendo Wii games console is a console on which the whole family can have fun. At the centre of this strategy is the 'Wii-mote', a TV remote-like wireless controller that includes motion sensing.

Nintendo Wii review

Nintendo Wii simplifies gaming so that people who have never touched a console game might give it a go. In Wii Sports, a launch title being bundled with the Wii, there are no complicated button sequences to learn.

In the tennis game the Wii-mote is swung like a racket and in a boxing game thrown like a punch. Hold the remote in your hand and simulate bowling a ball and you've got the hang of the bowling game.


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