Strewth, Sheila. It seems that over-zealous ladies exercising with Nintendo's Wii Fit are causing chaos all over the UK.

According to pink-clad, caterwauling, insurance-flogging harpies Sheila's Wheels, almost one in five female Nintendo Wii Fit users have smashed TVs, ornaments and other household nick-nacks while getting ineptly sweaty with their games consoles.

The net cost of such anti-sport antics works out (according to the survey) at £6.55 per Wii Fit user, which extrapolates to £20m across the UK. That's a lot of scented candles. Clearly, something must be done.

It's made up nonsense, of course. But give Sheila's Wheels credit for trying. And if I was in the market for Nintendo Wii Fit insurance I'd give them a call. Sadly, I don't own a Nintendo Wii. And I'm not a woman. And I have better co-ordination than a drunk two-year-old. Donkey. With three legs.

Still, it's an excellent excuse to link to a randomly chosen YouTube clip of someone exercising using a Nintendo Wii Fit. (Please don't click this link if video of a toothsome woman jiggling about in her pants is likely to offend you.)

In fact, click this link instead:

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