According to Famitsu (via Edge), Capcom's Monster Hunter franchise is on the way to 3DS in the form of Monster Hunter 3G, itself an expanded version of the Wii's Monster Hunter Tri rather than a completely new game.

The really interesting news surrounding the game, though, is the peripheral it will be bringing to the 3DS. The "Kakuchou Slide Pad," aka "Expansion Slide Pad," is a plastic cradle which the 3DS sits in. It adds a second "Circle Pad" analog stick to the device along with a second set of shoulder buttons, and adds about an inch of thickness to the device. The game will reportedly be playable without the addon, but series supervisor Ryozo Tsujimoto suggests that the cradle will be a "secret weapon" for players that will improve their experience significantly.

Nintendo hasn't commented further on the attachment as yet save to confirm its existence. We don't yet know if other games will be supporting it, or if it will eventually become a required peripheral for early adopters.

Nintendo is holding a dedicated 3DS event next week on September 13, and speculation is rife that the company will announce a new model 3DS featuring the second Circle Pad and set of shoulder buttons built in. Monster Hunter 3G will also be playable at Tokyo Game Show later next week.

Should Nintendo announce a new dual analog-equipped 3DS next week, what does this mean for their "3DS Ambassadors?" Will they get themselves a free slide pad as well as their 20 free games, or will they be expected to purchase one themselves in order to stay up to date with the system's capabilities?

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