Very few games are actually able to take up hours of my time anymore. for the majority of games, I'll play the first few hours, then either watch the end on YouTube or forget about it entirely. But a few titles will always force me to completely abandon my social life and sink in a ridiculous number of hours. Anything with Professor Layton in the title gets included in that list.

I was afraid that Nintendo would cut the Brownie Brown developed RPG London Life from the American release of Professor Layton, but it looks like those fears were unfounded. Brownie Brown was part of the team behind the excellent Japan-only Earthbound sequel Mother 3, and London Life was a standalone RPG that unlocked for players after they finished Professor Layton and the Last Specter.

Well, not only will the extra quest (touted to be "over 100 hours long") be available in the States, you can play it from the very beginning, without beating Last Specter first!

The game's coming out on October 17, so at least I know what I'm doing on the lead-up to Halloween.

(via Tiny Cartridge)