Nexon Game Cards have been available at retail since 2007, allowing players without credit cards to purchase premium content in Nexon's range of free to play titles. Starting this month, Nexon is replacing the Game Card with the Karma Koin card, which will be available in over 70,000 retail locations across the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The new cards will be available in U.S. $10, $25 and $50 denominations or local equivalents.

The reason for the change in branding? For every Karma Koin card redeemed, Nexon will donate a percentage of the amount to charity.

"The prepaid game card has been a foundation of our extremely successful business model in North America and paved the way for countless other game companies to follow suit," said Nexon America CEO Daniel Kim. "The Karma Koin cards will continue this success, allowing non credit card users to enjoy our game enhancements while having the added benefit of knowing that each purchase will result in funds going directly to charity."

Nexon hasn't yet revealed the partner charities it will be working with using the Karma Koin program, but its long term plan is to allow other online game developers to use the platform to safely make online transactions. The use of prepaid cards also allows players in territories where credit card use is not so common to purchase items online.

Karma Koin cards will begin rolling out to retail from this month, but in the meantime, Nexon will continue to accept Nexon Game Card transactions.

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