Namco Bandai's recent Level Up press event in Dubai brought with it a number of interesting announcements, including confirmation of Soul Calibur V and a CG Tekken movie.

The upcoming Ace Combat: Assault Horizon is set in Dubai, so naturally Namco Bandai picked it as the location for its "Level Up" press event, at which the company confirmed a number of interesting announcements.

First up, the aforementioned Ace Combat: Assault Horizon will launch on October 11. Pre-order customers will get a limited edition soundtrack. The company also confirmed an Ace Combat title for 3DS, but didn't give any further details.

Spiritual successor to the hard-as-nails Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, was confirmed for an early October launch in the West, and "excellent" pre-order content was promised for both PS3 and 360 versions. A Collector's Edition bundle was also confirmed, though details on that haven't emerged yet.

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RPG fans were covered with news that Tales of Graces F will launch on PS3 in Europe and the US next year, and Tales of the Abyss will hit 3DS sometime this year.

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja for PSP will launch in September, and a new untitled Dragonball game is on the way to PS3 and 360.

Tekken: Blood Vengeance - the trailer for which you can see above - is a CG animated movie that will be launching in theaters this summer in full 3D. It's also, presumably, an attempt to forget that the dreadful Hollywood movie ever existed.

But arguably the biggest news of the event was the announcement of Soul Calibur V, which has been confirmed for a 2012 release. The game takes place 17 years after Soul Calibur IV, if you're keeping up with the lore and not just the female characters' expanding bust sizes. The main protagonist of the story is called Patroclus, and is Sophitia's son. The team promises an "improved" battle system and "new features" but didn't go into detail on either count. Expect more information in the coming months.