This November, French developer Anuman says we'll be able to "go back to the XIII conspiracy origins on PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad." No further details are forthcoming, but it appears that we're looking at a new XIII game called XIII: Lost Identity.

The original XIII game was a first person shooter from 2003 for PS2, Windows, GameCube, Xbox, PC and Mac. It used the then-fashionable cel-shading style along with visible onomatopoeic words like "BAAOOOM" to capture the essence of its source material -- a 1984 Belgian comic of the same name.

Cast in the role of the titular amnesiac agent (voiced by David Duchovny), players had to battle their way to uncovering the truth behind his identity and a conspiracy involving a group known as The XX. The game's story was left unfinished thanks to ending where the comic's fifth volume concluded, leaving ample room for a sequel.

Original publisher Ubisoft doesn't appear to have anything to do with this new title. More as we find out.

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