Dedicated gamers now have even less incentive to pry themselves up from the Red Bull-stained couch, thanks to a newly announced Pizza Hut app for the Xbox 360. You read that right: Starting Tuesday, you'll be able to place a delivery order directly from your gaming console.

The entire menu is available through the Xbox Live, so you can order pizza, pasta, drinks, and deserts, all the while swiping through toppings and crust styles with the app's Kinect voice and motion control support. Early adopters can get 15 percent off their first purchase if they order by May 6.

The app links with your account to save orders and delivery details to streamline the ordering process for subsequent Halo 4-induced munchies attacks.

Smartphone and tablet delivery apps are a dime a dozen, but this Pizza Hut app is the first to allow you to buy physical goods on your Xbox 360 console, much less delectable physical goods.

Pizza Hut is the world's largest pizza chain, with some 6,300 stores in the U.S. alone. The Xbox 360 app will offer targeted deals for your closest restaurant, and if you're feeling social, you can share your order details on Facebook. (Does anyone actually do that?)

The Pizza Hut app for Xbox has been long in the works, Xbox's Larry Hryb told Polygon. "If you look at our audience, they love pizza. I mean, who doesn't?" he said. "Instead of popping open a computer--maybe lots of people don't have a computer, or don't have one sitting in same room as their console--it allows users another way to place an order."

Pizza Hut enlisted professional Halo player David "Walshy" Walsh to promote the partnership between the restaurant chain and Microsoft. "We gamers have been waiting for something like for a while so I jumped at the chance to be involved," Walshy told Forbes in an interview about the deal.