THQ's latest entry in the MX vs. ATV series sees the company experimenting with a different approach to what a game you buy at retail includes, and what gets offered as DLC.

The newest entry in the MX vs. ATV series, subtitled Alive, is out today. The game promises "enhanced physics, intense bar-to-bar action" and "track deformation."

But that's not the most interesting thing about the title. MX vs. ATV Alive marks the beginning of a bold experiment by THQ in terms of what gets included in the box, and what gets offered as DLC. The game itself ships at the lower-than-normal price point of $39.99, but there is a lot more DLC than usual on offer, including the usual incentive for customers to purchase the game new - in this case, an accurate replica of James Stewart's motocross compound.

We spoke with THQ CEO Brian Farrell about this new strategy back in December.

"It's clear that how people want to consume and pay for media, especially games, is changing," said Farrell. "And in some cases, the $59.99 price point may be a barrier to entry. We know that how people are playing games and the way games are delivered are changing."

THQ believes that offering what it calls "a la carte" DLC will allow gamers to customize the game to their own specifications, and effectively "build" the game they want to play.

"Some of the DLC will be offered free, some will be charged for," said Farrell. "We believe this model serves gamers in two critical ways: it allows us to deliver the boxed product to fans of the franchise earlier than in previous cycles, and it allows to tailored gaming experiences [...] This means a lower initial cost and better value for gamers thanks to a more responsive business model."

Farrell also promised that "the $39.99 price point does not mean that the boxed product will be a less than robust game" and that the "total content to be offered [including DLC] well surpasses what would have been included in a $59.99 game."

MX vs. ATV Alive is out today, and THQ will likely be watching its sales figures very closely indeed.

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