Notebook and component manufacturer, MSI, is aiming once again at the pointy end of the notebook market with its GT70 Dominator notebook. It's a 17.3in model with juicy insides that include a fourth-generation Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition processor, up to 32GB of RAM, and three solid state drives in a RAID 0 array. Most importantly, the new model will feature Nvidia's latest GeForce GTX 880 graphics adapter.

While these specifications are enough to make any hardware-loving gamer drool, there are a couple of extra features that MSI said will differentiate this product from other high-end gaming rigs on the market. In particular, the SteelSeries keyboard that has been present on previous versions of high-end MSI laptops, now works with the SteelSeries engine, which is pre-installed thanks to a partnership between the companies. It provides users with the ability to control macros, and to access statistics to see which are the most common areas of activity so that macros can be optimised. In addition, the keyboard is fully backlit with different coloured zones.

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The other feature MSI is touting is XSplit Gamecaster, which is a feature that allows users to stream their exploits over the Web. MSI said it has pre-installed this feature and optimised it in order to make it 'noob proof'; it said that it can be set up and used in just three steps. The premium streaming service is provided for free for six months, after which a monthly fee will have to be paid in order to continue to using premium features.

MSI has included these features because it says it knows from user feedback what gamers need and want. Furthermore, it touts itself as being the most gamer-focussed of the high-end-notebook niche vendors, mainly because it keeps in touch with its users via all available channels. MSI said the aim of products such as the GT70 Dominator is not to just have high-end hardware, but to provide a complete experience for the gamer.

The chassis of the GT70 Dominator is the same as previous versions of the high-end notebook, such as the GT70 Dragon Edition that we saw last year, and this is due to how successful the chassis has been in terms of reliability and toughness. The only noticeable change is the logo on the lid, which is now a proper badge that illuminates, rather than just a stick-on. This gives the product more of a premium look.

Other notable features include Dynaudio speakers, a Full HD panel, which has a matte screen and is based on high-end TN technology, an 87 Watt-hour battery, and a hard drive is also installed in addition to the three-drive RAID 0 array.

Configurations and pricing will vary. We'll bring you a review of the GT70 Dominator as soon as we get one into our test centre.