It turns out all a company needed to do to sell wearables was make one that looked like the Fallout series' iconic Pip Boy 3000. Last week during E3, Bethesda announced the limited edition of Fallout 4 would cost $120 and ship with an "actual Pip Boy." Like, you know, a plastic sleeve thing you can stick your phone into.

But a real Pip Boy. Sort of.

People went nuts, and the entire supply of Pip Boy Editions sold out in, oh I don't know, two days? Maybe three?

If you missed out, it sounds like you'll get one last, Hail Mary chance at owning the Pip Boy Edition--Bethesda says it's "managed to squeeze some more Pip Boys out of the factories." Or, at least, in North America and Canada. Europe still gets a vague "We're making sure that Pip Boys are allocated overseas" but not details on when or how you can order one.

So assuming you're American or Canadian, Bethesda says to keep an eye on Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop/EB Games this week, though they don't say when exactly, and again they're dealing with "limited quantities."

I'm going to go ahead and reiterate that personally I don't think you should preorder games--even Fallout 4! The recent Batman: Arkham Knight PC port fiasco just drives that home. But, uh...I get the feeling you're not going to listen to that advice. Just don't be that jerk who buys five and then sells them all on Ebay. Nobody likes that jerk. Not even that jerk's mom.