We reported a few days ago that legendary 80s and 90s publisher Gremlin Graphics was set to return via original company founder Ian Stewart's new label Urbanscan. Now, in conversation with Eurogamer, Stewart has revealed the titles likely to be revived on iOS devices.

A new version of Bounder has already been announced and will be out in the third quarter of this year. Stewart believes that the next title on the list will be 1985's Thing on a Spring , and estimates that will likely arrive early next year rather than the company attempting to squeeze out two titles before the end of 2011.

Stewart has also been in touch with Monty Mole creator Peter Harrap to discuss the possibility of a new Monty Mole game. The two haven't spoken for nearly 15 years, but both are interested in the possibility of a new game -- nothing is fixed yet, though.

Beyond the first two titles, Stewart isn't sure what Gremlin properties will be rereleased next. He dismissed the ideas of bringing back Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge and Actua Soccer, believing it "not the best route" to try and compete with the last 20 years of racing and soccer games. He's more interested in character-based games such as Zool, as well as soccer management sim Premier Manager , which has already seen a PSN release.

Stewart also says he's working on Super Cars in collaboration with another developer.

Looks like the next year or so will be a good time to be a retro gamer armed with an iOS device -- the real question is: will Stewart be able to get Rob Hubbard out of hiding to produce the soundtracks?