Even the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) isn't immune from Halo 3 fever, it seems. Pranksters at the US research university went to great lengths to honour last week's release of the highly anticipated Xbox 360 game, sneaking in to the Harvard Yard to transform the statue of MIT benefactor John Harvard into the Halo 3 hero, Master Chief. (See the picture here.)

It's not the first time MIT student have gone to great lengths to celebrate a high-profile geek event. They transformed the MIT campus' Great Dome into an R2D2 lookalike to coincide with the release of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace in 1999.

But rather than attempting to prevent such mischievousness, MIT chancellor Phillip Clay told the Boston Globe the pranks fell within the 'playful' category, and there would be no attempt to stamp them out. Instead, MIT bigwigs are working with students on a set of guidelines to keep the practical jokes within acceptable limits.

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