Microsoft has confirmed it will replace the consoles of customers unable to make use of the enhanced disc format coming soon.

Some beta testers of the upcoming Spring Dashboard Update for the 360 have reported that their system is incompatible with the new firmware and stops reading discs. Microsoft is apparently able to detect this issue via Xbox Live and is compensating affected customers by sending them a brand new Xbox 360 S and a year's free Xbox Live subscription.

The reason the problems may be occurring is that the impending update reflashes the system's DVD drive to be compatible with the new higher-capacity XGD3 disc format, set to start being used soon. It appears that some older DVD drives are incompatible with the new firmware and are causing problems to varying degrees. Apparently only a "minority" of console will be affected by this issue, however.

After the recent Sony debacle, this sort of customer support almost sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? Well, the official Xbox Support Twitter account has verified it as real. Almost enough to make you hope your 360 breaks with the new update, huh?

Microsoft will send emails to affected customers it detects via Xbox Live, but encourages anyone who believes their system may be having problems to get in touch via the Xbox Support pages.

Image credit: Avery "lovedecake" Penn on Twitter.

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