With thanks to the timelessness of Seinfeld reruns and the resurrection of the title on iPhones and iPads, RISK has always been a party game that's remained on the forefront of the strangely resilient board game market.

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What USAopoly does, which is actually pretty smart, is a variety of themed board games that make interesting collectible and coffee table sets. Now, the company behind Super Mario Chess and Monopoly Futurama is taking the Metal Gear Solid franchise giving it its own version of RISK. Really, it's a natural fit -- the MGS series is about war, and RISK is the world's most famous war strategy board game.

Taking its notes from Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, this edition of RISK swaps world armies for private military corporations (PMCs), with game pieces styled after five PMC groups, Boss Cards featuring in-game characters, Drebin Cards, and 42 Territory Cards, plus Metal Gear-themed Reward Cards. Throw in the Outer Haven Battleship, and you've got something that just might be worth the $50 presale price tag (on October 3, in case you're already reaching for money).

[Source: USAopoly, Konami PR]

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