Are you so thoroughly immersed in Metal Gear Solid? lore that you've played every game, from its NES roots to the modern PSP side-stories? Prepare to add one more title to that list, though this one is guaranteed not to have any over-long cut-scenes...or any cut-scenes at all for that matter. Meet Metal Gear Solid: Risk.

Proving that I have no idea how modern Risk is played, the games comes with 8 bosses, Drebin's Shop Cards, and a 8 sculpted bosses, in addition to all the standard armies and dice. The game also comes with rules on "3 ways to play Risk for faster game play"; and here I thought all Risk games took a minimum of 4,000 hours to complete.

Only 2,014 are being made, and they'll be available for pre-order on the game-maker's official site. No price is listed, but considering it comes with custom box top artwork by Yoji Shinkawa? and each of the games is individually numbered, I'm going to guess it won't be cheap.

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