Sybil Danning's character Ruger, last seen in 1989's L.A. Bounty, is set to return in a cloud-based shooter, planned for release in the third quarter of next year in Germany and Austria, with the rest of the world to follow. The game is part of a larger plan to bring cloud computing to a wider audience -- particularly in developing countries -- by providing the infrastructure necessary for this type of activity.

The game has drawn the ire of Cambodian authorities, however, who took exception to the fact that one of the items on offer to the game's premium members was a small imitation gun attached to a keychain, faux-signed by Danning in metallic writing.

"The type of weapon, the toy, is smaller, yes, but if you were to have a real model of this gun in the home, it would be illegal," said a member of the Cambodian Education Ministry who wished to remain anonymous. "The keychain can be easily tampered with, and I can see young kids using them."

Cambodia's objection to the proposed item has also caused several other countries, including Laos and South Africa, to keep a close eye on the game's development and promotional strategies.

Meanwhile, game producer Les Thomas noted that his team had "no intentions of removing the gun from our catalogue of goods. We will, however, look into our marketing strategies in these developing countries. They need robust cloud computing to thrive in the future. And we will always seek to be sensitive to the needs of all peoples. Our goal is to bring the world together through unique gaming."

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