Bullfrog's Magic Carpet was a spectacular and ambitious game that brought many of 1994's PCs to their knees, especially if running in its "high-resolution" 640x480 or stereoscopic 3D modes. Today, it's still a remarkable game thanks to its open, sandbox structure and deformable terrain that were years ahead of their time. And now you can grab a copy for just $5.99 from Good Old Games, with this release rounding off the first batch of EA releases on the digital distribution site.

Magic Carpet places players atop the floating rug of a wizard on a quest to restore 50 shattered worlds. Like early Bullfrog title Populous, the game equips the player with a variety of spells, ranging from the mundane to the literally earth-shattering. The player is free to pursue their eventual goal in any way they please, whether this be through defeating rival wizards directly, shaping the world the way they want or, in times of frustration, simply setting fire to everything.

If nothing else, the game is a potent reminder of a time when Peter Molyneux really did follow through on his lofty ambitions.

This article originally appeared on GamePro.com as Magic Carpet on GOG