Interactive gamebooks such as Choose Your Own Adventure, Fighting Fantasy and Lone Wolf provided a bridge between computer-based interactive fiction and reading a "proper" book with actual pages. By adding player choice and game mechanics into the traditional reading experience they created a genre of books which we don't see often on bookstore shelves today -- but thanks to e-book readers such as the Kindle, they're seeing something of a resurgence.

The Lone Wolf series was first published in 1984 and stretched on for a total of 28 gamebooks, selling a total of over 10.2 million copies worldwide. Set on the fictional planet of Magnamund, players take on the role of the titular Lone Wolf, a warrior monk who is the last of his line. Besides reading and basic decision making, the book also included combat, scoring and inventory management systems.

Today, the first book in the series, known as "Flight from the Dark," will be released on Kindle by developer Worldweaver Ltd, a team who has also brought several books from the successful Fighting Fantasy series to Amazon's device. The Kindle's computing abilities keep track of combat, scoring and inventory, so there's no need to keep a pencil and paper or bag of dice handy while playing. Original author Joe Dever has acted as a consultant on the project to ensure the original atmosphere of the gamebooks is maintained in their transition to the electronic e-book medium.

Flight from the Dark should be available on the Kindle Store later today, with further titles in the Lone Wolf series to follow at two month intervals.

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