If you're one of the many Tamagotchi fans that make up PC Advisor's readership, you might want to stop what you're doing.

Bandai has announced that they are creating a limited-edition Golden Tamagotchi as a way to "thank [their] loyal fans after all these years," said Michael Riley, Bandai America's vice president of marketing.

Only 2,000 of these numbered, handcrafted (by specially trained, ascetic Bandai monks, no doubt) units will be made, but before you rush out, you need to know a little something: these little babies won't be selling in stores. Through the month of October ("Golden Month," they're calling it), the Tamagotchi King will be hosting a celebration on Tamagotchi.com, where fans can answer trivia questions for daily drawings; three hundred Golden Tamagotchis will be given away. I'm sure there are all kinds of creative ways to acquire the remaining 1,700.