The worlds of cutting-edge technology and understated lesbian striptease, er, came together this morning, as breathless video-game hacks across the land hurriedly penned blogs about Mass Effect and its raunchy scenes of lady love.

Two videos in particular are raising the temperature among sex-obsessed journos. The first (adult readers can find the saucy link here - you'll have to confirm that you're over 18) depicts a tentacle-haired alien doing a sort of repetitive jiggle for the benefit of a human lady; the other (kids: nothing to see here) has a bit of implied lesbian cross-species romping. Disappointed link-clickers will be able to confirm that neither of these is likely to bring about the demise of Western civilisation, but we feel sure that a Daily Mail editorial calling for the powers that be to Ban This Sick Filth is in the pipeline.

Sex and video games have generally made enthusiastic but ill-matched, er, bedfellows. Nerds do love a bit of blue, the general reasoning goes, so few beat 'em ups or RPGs are made without a gravity-defying Lara Croft lookalike. Up until now, however, few have attempted to show the physical act of love between a woman and an alien in a bad swimming costume.

Our colleagues at PC World Australia have put together an interesting slideshow charting the relationship between sex and video games.