In weird news of the day that probably isn't really news, Sony's fictional VP, Kevin Butler, was reportedly left position for new endeavors.

Posting from his Twitter account, Butler relayed to his followers that he could be joining his fictional uncle at their new fictional flooring business as the fictional company's new fictional president. It's definitely a stunt from Sony's marketing department, as the fictional VP has proven to be good business of one of the PlayStation's better ad campaigns. In retrospect, Kevin Butler has been a huge step up from jive-talking squirrels and absurd abstractionist art.

From Industry Gamers:

The Kevin Butler campaign has been hugely successful for Sony, inciting a malicious following of fans to all things KB. Today's announcement is still probably under Sony's banner, but we've contacted Sony for more information on just what the former VP is up to.

So far, all we could get out of a spokesperson for SCEA was this: "Stay tuned. We'll have more info on KB's new upstart career shortly. In the meantime, keep following his tweets."

In other news, Marcus Rivers, Butler's snarky black sidekick-slash-PSP promoter, is still nowhere to be found after his mysterious disappearance on June 15, 2011.

[Source: Industry Gamers]