Who Gon' Stop Kanye West from performing at September's Call of Duty XP "fan experience?" Nobody, apparently, as it's just come Through the Wire that Martin Louis the King Jr. himself has just made a much Stronger case for buying a ticket to Activision's upcoming convention.

So don't Runaway from this opportunity to see the Grammy-winning hip-hop artist perform, possibly say some controversial stuff about whatever's on his mind at that precise moment, and then spit a few verses that're tangentially related to the Call of Duty franchise. One can only assume.

Tickets to XP, which are available here for $150 a pop, guarantee a spot at Yeezy's show. But if you're planning on making the convention, which takes place in Los Angeles, CA and runs from September 2-3, and you haven't made travel plans yet, you might want to take a look at the travel packages before hotel prices Touch the Sky. Okay, that one was kind of reaching. Um, Can't Tell Me Nothing about how this premise is being stretched pretty thin? Meh, at least I tried.


This article originally appeared on GamePro.com as Kanye West to Momentarily Stop Watching Throne, Perform at Call of Duty XP