id Software John Carmack is springing to the defense of the genre he helped to create, accusing critics of popular titles like Call of Duty of having a "snooty attitude" in a recent interview with IndustryGamers.

Carmack has long been at the forefront of first-person shooters, having helped to popularize the genre with DOOM. He said it would be a mistake to discount "a proven formula that people like," and that "as long as people are buying it, it means they're enjoying it."

"If they buy the next Call of Duty, it?s because they loved the last one and they want more of it. So I am pretty down on people who take the sort of creative auteurs' perspective. It's like 'Oh, we?re not being creative.'"

He argued that id Software and its ilk are "creating value for people," and that their goal is to create something that people "love so much they're willing to give us money for."

"So I do get pretty down on people that - you see some of the indie developers that really take a snooty attitude about this. It?s almost as if it?s popular, it?s not good. And that?s just not true."

Call of Duty has indeed proven to be a popular punching bag for some disgruntled gamers, but Carmack doesn't cite any examples of the "snooty indie devs" in question. The closest instance might be Zombie Studio's Jason Gerritzen, who called Activision "jerks" for introducing Call of Duty Elite (before calling the Call of Duty series "amazing).

Rage will be out on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in October.

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