Bike Baron offers a portable take on Joe Danger's racing/platform/extreme sports gameplay, and it seems that customers have really taken to it. Developers Mountain Sheep and Qwiboo report that the game as taken the top spot in the App Store charts in 62 countries within days of release, far outstripping the success of Mountain Sheep's previous games Minigore and Death Rally.

The game offers 40 levels through which to play, 100 challenges and a ton of secrets. On top of that, there's a level editor with the ability to share your creations online, and lucky owners of an iPad 2 or iPhone 4S can take advantage of enhanced graphical effects.

"We are very excited to see so many online levels being shared," said Vladimir Roth, cocreator of the game. "It means more and more of our 300,000 players are unleashing their creativity, and we want to make sure they have the best tools available to do that."

Bike Baron is available now for $.99.

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