We’ve seen keyboards dedicated to online gaming, we've even seen PCs dedicated to a particular online game. Now internet security software firms are getting in on the act.

Bullguard has just visited PC Advisor towers to show off its new slant on PC protection – its Steel Security suite ticks all the traditional security boxes (antivirus, antispyware, spamfilter etc) but also adds a feature specifically designed for gamers.

Load up your favourite online game – whether that’s World of Warcraft, Second Life or Everquest (Bullguard claims to support 80 in total) – and the tailored protection kicks in. It’s designed to speed up gaming by preventing nuisance firewall pop-up messages and ensuring system resources aren’t wasted on unnecessary security duties. By default, it blocks all communication between your PC and the wider web apart from the all-important game connection (you can, of course, tweak your settings to do this yourself, but Bullguard reckons this one-stop solution will appeal to those that can't be bothered).

We can’t comment on how successful Steel Security is in speeding up online gaming, but look for a review from our World of Warcraft correspondent in a future issue.