Upcoming iOS/Android puzzler Word Fighter has already revealed some of its character roster, and the prospect of Agatha Christie battling Edgar Allen Poe for supreme dominance is an appealing one. Developer Feel Every Yummy has revealed the latest addition to the game's cast is Greek epic poet Homer, whom has been put into the game to fulfil the fighting game "ancient powerful character" stereotype.

Unlike many of the other authors featured in the game, Homer's appearance and history is somewhat shrouded in mystery, allowing the team at Feel Every Yummy to have a bit of fun with him. He's been cast as a muscular old man clad in a toga and blindfolded -- itself a homage to the rumors that he may have been blind.

The game itself was featured at PAX over the weekend as one of the "PAX 10" -- a selection of the 10 most promising looking independently-developed games that are then given show floor space for demo purposes. Feel Every Yummy told Couch Bound that while this was a great opportunity to get the team's work noticed by the public, it also meant they had to adjust their development cycle in order to have as polished a demo as possible available for the public. As a result, the game, originally set for a September/October release, has now slipped back to the fall of this year.

Find out more about the game, its development process and its other playable characters Jane, Edgar, The Brothers and Agatha at Feel Every Yummy's website.

This article originally appeared on GamePro.com as Homer Joins Word Fighter's Cast of Literary Ass Kickers