Details are scarce, but Activision has revealed at least one noteworthy fact about Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare: It'll star Kevin Spacey.

The first trailer for the new COD shows Spacey--in uncanny valley video game form--lecturing about who deserves democracy. His speech is interspersed with the requisite action shots, replete with explosions, burning wreckage, fighter drones, advanced vehicles and a whole bunch of gruff-looking soldiers.

As Engadget points out, the trailer hints at some new game mechanics, but doesn't dwell on them for long. One soldier activates a cloaking device, while another is able to view enemies through walls. A couple of soldiers seem to have powerful exoskeletons, allowing them to carry heavy machine guns. We also see a soldier activating hand grips, allowing him to scale a wall.

This is clearly a futuristic setting, far from the series' historical roots, and the game's tagline, "Power changes everything," suggests that these super powers will play a major role in the action. For a white-knuckle action series, that at least sounds more appealing than the dog-based combat of last year's Call of Duty: Ghosts. (Though it probably won't be as unintentionally hilarious.)

As for the plot, another video from Activision says that private military corporations will play a large role in the game. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will apparently explore what would happen if these corporations became world superpowers. Spacey's roll remains somewhat of a mystery, and it's unclear whether he's good, evil or some combination of both.

Activision says it will reveal more details about Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on May 4.