I have one word for you: Titanfall. Now that this long-anticipated game is out, the 2014 Dodge Durango suddenly has something very valuable: rear-seat HDMI ports.

In three years of testing vehicles week after week, it's the first time we've seen HDMI connections like this. It's perfect for hooking up a next-gen console to play an exclusive game. We recently packed four teen gamers and an Xbox One into the car to test this essential feature.

The HDMI hook-ups are located next to the front seats on the side. There's also a normal 12-volt power outlet situated below the rear heat vents near the floor.

Both rear passengers can connect two different HDMI devices to the two screens, which are built into the back of the driver and front passenger seats. You can also show the same screen from one device. 

The screens measure about 8 inches diagonally--not exactly on a par with an HDTV, but then again, you're sitting only 2-3 feet from the screen. The display quality is crisp and colorful.

In the far back, there's room for two more teens or three smaller kids. Because the new consoles use wireless controllers like the previous gen, even our rear passengers could join the fun--and they had few complaints about seeing the screen. If you want to use the Kinect sensor for hand gestures, you'll need a way to prop it up in the back.

Almost as good as all the gaming? In the car, with 9-speaker surround sound, the Xbox One gaming system truly rocked our world. Explosions resonate in a way that's hard to duplicate in the living room. 

The 2014 Durango Citadel AWD we tested isn't cheap at $52,370 MSRP, but the HDMI ports are a major bonus if you plan to take long trips. Sure, you can connect a portable Blu-Ray player or play movies from the front stereo system (which only supports standard-format DVD movies), but hook up an Xbox, and you can provide even richer mobile entertainment.