Marriage proposals are tricky things to stage-manage. You arrange everything perfectly and then what happens? It rains, or you have a pointless argument, or she blows your head off with a rocket launcher.

Luckily no such mishaps beset Moviesign and furtive penguin, two lovebirds who recently pledged their troth on (you guessed it!) Halo 3's online multiplayer mode. Offering his girlfriend of two years a bit of two-on-two action on a map he'd prepared in advance, Moviesign led his blushing bride to 'a secret gun stash' (that old chestnut), where he'd spelt out a romantic message in high-powered weaponry. We'd have preferred corpses ourselves (future Mrs Prices take note), but it's still a nice gesture.


Some internet curmudgeons have attempted to pour cold water on the whole episode, but we disagree. And not for our usual reason (that you've got to take what affection you can get in this brief, cruel life). Let's face it, weddings are tacky at the best of times, and at least this is memorable. And besides, it could have been worse: they could have done it on World of Warcraft.