Halo Fest, which took place at PAX Prime this weekend, is a celebration of 10 years of the Xbox-based shooter franchise. So what better place for Microsoft and 343 Industries to reveal some new Halo news?

First up was the announcement of three new maps for the upcoming Halo: Anniversary. These include Timberland, reimagined from the PC version of the original Halo; Prisoner, from the original Xbox version; and Installation 04, the base of a Forerunner spire from the Combat Evolved campaign and now the setting for a Firefight mission. These maps are added to the already-revealed Covenant facility Damnation, first seen in the Xbox original; and Beaver Creek from Halo 2. All maps will come with two variants for multiplayer action -- one in their original form, and one rebalanced and modified to take advantage of the new additions to gameplay that Halo: Reach's armor abilities added to the mix.

343 also confirmed that Halo: Anniversary would be playable in 3D using "custom made top-and-bottom 3D technology", whatever that means. Those who were at PAX would have had the chance to try this out on a fancy-pants LG screen.

Finally, 343 also revealed that there's a title update inbound for Halo: Reach that tweaks a whole bunch of issues. Most notably, it allows those who own the 4GB Arcade Xbox SKU to play Campaign and Firefight matchmaking modes. It also adjusts the amount of damage Armor Lock absorbs to be proportional to the amount of energy a player has left; and Active Camo's duration has been reduced. It's also no longer possible to block sword attacks with anything other than another sword.

As previously revealed, Halo 4's Warthog will also be available in Forza 4.